• Capacity [pots/hour]: 400 - 1 600 of 600 - 2 400
  • Pot sizes [cm]: 9 - 30, optioneel uitbreidbaar tot 40 cm
  • No. pot supports: 16, optioneel 8
  • Contents hopper: 3 m³

The 4016 is large enough for heavy filling.
It can process pots upto 42 cm and drills plant holes upto 23 cm.
With the machine, bare roots can easily be potted.
The potting ring is voluntarily kept low to enable ergonomic potting.
Thanks to the central adjustment of the potting ring it is not difficult to switch to a different pot size.
The pot dispenser with its powerful pushing movement easily processes heavy pots (also recuperation pots).
The substrate’s structure is kept thanks to the automatically controlled soil supply.
The soil hopper with its 3 or 5 m³ content is easily loaded by means of a large front loader or forklift truck.