Degrouping conveyors

More often plants are pre-sorted during cultivation.
During this sorting it might be necessary to treat them: trim, weed, remove dead leaves, etc.
Before shipment they are checked again and material that is not ready for shipment, is placed back.
In short, plants are frequently picked up, which is a hard job.
If you pick up your plants with a fork, you could put them on a degrouping conveyor.
The pots are neatly put in a single line and the work is done at a belt.
When sorting at a belt, you can do the work much faster, the sorting is done better and ergonomically, it is better to work this way.
Also other work is smoother and can, if required, be done by machines: labelling, blowing out, washing of pots, trimming, etc.
Demtec implements full processing lines to size of your company and in accordance with the plants.